Walter Woods Amps

Walter Woods Amps are uniquely and personally handcrafted. My prime concerns are RELIABILITY, QUALITY OF SOUND & CONVENIENCE.

Walter Woods Amps are constructed to provide extremely portable and powerful amplifiers packages.Flexibility of controls affords quick system tuning for any playing situation. Ultimate reliability is achieved by hand selection, winding and construction of all critical components. Walter Woods Amps brings you great sound, ultra low weight and extremely small size. This phenomenal portability allows the amp to easily travel with you. Giving you more control of your sound more of the time.


Walter Woods

M-450 450w/ 8ohms, 750w/ 4ohms, Min. 4ohms



The following is a partial list of purchasers: Richard Bona, Peter Brown, Steve Brown, Hugh Burrows, Charlie Byrd, Wade Cambern, Dave Carpenter, Larry Carter, Aldo Cavalli, Jeff Chambers, Bob Chandler, Emmet Chapman, Candy Chase, Ken Ciuffreda, John Clark, Scott Colley, Robert Compean, Chick Corea, Glen Moore, Paul Morin, Chris Morrison, Jim Robitaille, Steve Rodby, Vinny Sansone, Saheb Sarbib, Billy Savege, Jane Scarpantoni, Glenn Schuetz, Lynn Seaton, Cleveland Eaton, Mark Egan, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, George Mraz, Joey Lauricella, Phil Forbes, Mike Formanek, David Friesen, James Genus, Michael George, Bruce Gertz, Lincoln Goines, Jim Hall, John Patitucci, Barney Kessel...and many more!

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